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on the ranch casings on stump

About Ammo Mo

I'm an ammunition enthusiast who also appreciates quality hand-crafted fine art. I collect handgun and rifle casings from firing ranges. I hand paint each one with metal primer, two coats of paint and finish with a protective layer of epoxy spray. I travel this great country photographing the painted casings on location.

I studied art, taught for a little while and worked in a museum. Then I worked for a large corporation in marketing -- wasn't really for me.  Now I live out on a ranch in the Southwest. I like my privacy, but I love to hear from gun enthusiasts and protectors of the second amendment. Sign up for my newsletter or send me an email.

I take special requests for prints and boxed sets of casings. If you're looking for a specific print size and type of frame, let me know. If you're looking for custom casings for a wedding theme, party colors or bulk quantities, I can help with that too. Send me an email.

For image licensing requests or media inquiries, contact me directly at   


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