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creative projects


Planning for Creative Projects:

Bring Your Idea to Fruition with Maureen Cain

Creative thinkers have what is called "fluency of ideas" -- the flow of imagination that generates epiphanies, solutions and innovation. Creatives also demonstrate flexibility in their thinking and can develop elaborate, well thought out concepts.


Maureen works with artists, writers, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and everyday people with great ideas, all over in the world. Most of the work is done on the phone and via email. Larger or more elaborate projects may include face-to-face consultations and planning.

Maureen will customize a plan for your intended audience. Your completed document will serve as the road map for your project. You can use it to seek funding from arts agencies and grant-making organizations, as the strategic plan for a new nonprofit or creative endeavor, or as a prospectus for business investors.  


Your completed plan will include elements like:


  • Clear and concise project description

  • Project goals and purpose

  • Measurable objectives

  • Biographies of key people involved in project

  • Timeline for milestones and project completion

  • Budget and funding sources

  • Presentation (PPT) or final report

  • Partnerships and collaborations



Consultation and Fees

Contact Maureen for a consultation and an estimate of fees.

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