Outtakes from a Photoshoot Gone Bad

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

A photo story by Maureen Cain

The Cain Agency is recruiting arts workshop leaders to teach in St Paul de Vence: photography, writing, painting, music, dance, cooking, etcetera. To attract great teachers, I set out to make a series of marketing images.

I've never worked with live models like this before and I had been looking forward to it. Here's how the promotional pics turn out (see all of them below). I'm thrilled with the final pieces, but the two models I ended up with were not the professionals I had expected.

First I gather all my props: easel, camera, sculpture, laptop, microphone and guitar. I label them with The Cain Agency logo and I haul them outside.

Now I need models. I select these two women from their headshots.

On paper they seem perfect.

The models arrive with way too much stuff, which they toss all over the house. The next night my bare foot finds the business end of this piece on the hallway floor.

It's a bright day, as most days are in the South of France.

The photoshoot starts out well, but soon the models get bored and each time I turn away, they cause trouble.

Village cats are everywhere, which doesn't help.

Please stop playing with the cat.

I try this model with the easel. The shadows are too dark. I need to make an adjustment.

When I turn away to switch camera lenses I find her practicing yoga. We're trying to work here!

Her colleague is not quite as agile.

St. Paul de Vence is particularly well known for public sculpture

I take the hammer away before she can do any more damage to the village

Okay, I think. Let's work instead on the photo for music teachers.

Seriously? A mic drop??

I should have purchased that laptop warranty. Thankfully the day is almost over.

At least their politics are in the right place...

I'm beginning to suspect that my models got into the liquor cabinet.

Yep. But I perservered, and managed to get my promo shots:

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