The Princess Bed: How to Move Furniture in a Medieval Village

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

A photo story by Maureen Cain

My sister found this used princess bed on the internet. We both agreed that it would look perfect under the cat. So we bought it and had it delivered to our place in St Paul de Vence.

The cat's bedroom is on the third floor of a house with a Hobbit-sized spiral staircase. We are able to jam most of the bed pieces up the stairs, but the box spring won't fit and will need to be lifted up the outside of the building and over the terrace wall.

We find two men from the village who are up for the job of lifting the box spring three storeys without the benefit of a pulley. When they see how heavy this beast is and how high up it needs to go, they decide they need more rope.

The white strap on the left is strong rope made for hauling heavy furniture. The green and pink rope on the right came from a dollhouse.

Scoping out the situation. This young man turns out to be stronger than he appears.

The guys lean over the edge of the terrace and pull the ropes. The box spring is lifted off the ground and passes the basement door, the first floor window and the second floor window.

Just above the second floor, the dollhouse rope breaks. The box spring falls and slips to the window below. It swings and knocks plaster off the house.

From the second floor window, Shannon guides the swinging mattress around obstructions. The mattress gets stuck on the drainpipe. She warns people below to stay out of the street in case the second rope breaks and the bed falls.

They get the box spring to stop swinging and it rests against the house. Here is where I get so nervous I forget to take more pictures.

Success! But barely: the box spring is so heavy that these two strong men can't lift it over the takes three of us, in a final sweaty effort, to heft it onto the terrace.

Some assembly is required.

The cat accepts her new bed with royal indifference

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