The World Needs More Artists

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

by Shannon Cain

This is the actual key to my actual house.

Four years ago, I moved to France, following exactly no plan. The idea was to arrive and then figure it all out. And holy hell I've landed in a thousand-year-old village on the Côte d'Azur. These have been the most extraordinary years of my life so far. I've been creating, writing, agitating, struggling, loving and living life à la française. Walking these charming narrow streets to fetch my morning croissant I am gobsmacked daily by all of this; how did I end up here?

Today I'm overjoyed and overwhelmed and all tingly as I announce my dear sister Maureen Cain has relocated from Seattle to join me on the French Riviera, where together we are launching The Cain Agency, an arts consulting firm.

We're here to help people and organizations unfurl their creativity.

For the past six months Maureen and I have been scheming, strategizing, brainstorming, dreaming and honing our vision. We've been exploring our shared passion for fostering creativity in all its forms. From a considerable list of potential endeavors, ideas, dreams and projects, we chose a menu of services that has me eager to get started.

Our motto: THE WORLD NEEDS MORE ARTISTS. Please, friends, Like our page, retweet our tweets, share our instagram pics, and we'll keep in touch as we go about making the planet a more artful place, one creative person at a time.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of the key to the basement of my house, known here as the cave (pronounced cahve). The door is literally medieval. Behind it is a space for which Maureen and I have big creative plans, so stay tuned and wish us bon courage!

working with clients globally on large scale arts projects


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