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This fine art boxed set of assorted colors of hand-painted casings is the perfect gift for the patriotic gun enthusiast in your life. Just right for Father's Day, birthdays, anniversary, graduation, Christmas or groomsmen gifts. 


Set includes 7 casings of an assortment of colors. 


Show your American pride by displaying your hand-painted casings on the mantle, bookshelf, truck dashboard, desk or workshop space. Carry them in your pocket for a dose of American good luck.


Each casing is hand-painted with a coat of metal primer then painted with 2 or 3 coats of artist-quality spray paint. They are then sprayed with two coats of heavy-duty clear epoxy protectant.


These casings are authentic. They are spent cartridges that were collected from firing ranges. Each casing is unique. Some have dents and dings. They are coated with a protectant, but over time the paint may chip a little, giving them even more character. 


This boxed set includes seven 223 Remingtons and/or 5.56 mm NATO casings used in the AR-15. They are packed neatly with yellow caution tape in a sleek black tin box. Shipped in a small padded envelope. 


Tin box fits perfectly in your hand or pocket. Size: 3 inches x 2 inches x 5/8 of an inch. Lid of tin box slides to open and close. 


FREE shipping in the US. For international shipping fees, email a request to 


An original signed, numbered and dated postcard-size Certificate of Authenticity is included with your fine art boxed set of casings.


For boxed sets of custom colors (wedding theme, favorite colors, party favors) or for bulk orders, please email a request to


Keep out of reach of small children

"Artist's Choice" Boxed Set of Casings

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