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project management


For more than 20 years, Maureen Cain has helped non-profits and  businesses develop plans and implement projects. She will help you articulate your project and develop an action plan to git 'er done.


Starting with planning and continuing through implementation and evaluation, Maureen will manage your  project from start to finish, providing regular status reports and maximizing your resources to complete the project on time and within budget.

Your project plan will include:


  • A compelling project description

  • The project's goals and purpose

  • Measurable objectives

  • Key people involved in project

  • Timeline for milestones and project completion

  • Budget and resources

  • Presentation or final report

  • Partnerships and collaborations


Maureen has planned and managed projects of all sizes and scopes -- from developing a website to launching an art school; from nurturing a start-up nonprofit to managing a global program at Microsoft.


Over the past decade, Maureen has:

  • developed business plans for a digital magazine, a craft brewery and pub, a teacher training company, and a tech start up

  • set up a private foundation for a philanthropist in the arts and social justice

  • established a book-making business for a designer with a US patent

  • helped establish a museum art school

  • created an art gallery for a philanthropic foundation

  • managed the launch of a music non-profit serving underrepresented children



Consultation and Fees

Contact Maureen for a consultation and an estimate of fees.

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