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Bring Your Workshop to St Paul de Vence


Are you an arts educator or workshop leader? The Cain Agency hosts ateliers led by established teachers of photography, painting, writing, dance, music, cooking and other creative endeavors. Bring your students to Saint Paul de Vence, a devastatingly charming medieval village on the Cote d'Azur renowned for its focus on the arts. Here, your workshop participants will find inspiration in the artistic spirit, captivating light, majestic scenery and unabashed romance of this village and its surrounding Provencal countryside.

To submit a proposal to teach an atelier, please send an email to Maureen that includes:


  • description of your background, expertise and professional qualifications

  • brief description of your workshop

  • expected number of participants

  • your typical fee structure

  • logistical needs such as workshop space or special equipment

  • information about where and how often you have taught your workshop previously

  • how many participants generally attend your sessions

  • your marketing and outreach strategies

  • information about your following (what type of artists and students do you teach, how many active mailing list subscribers do you have or how many people follow you on social media, etc.)

  • your preferred workshop dates  


When requesting your dates, consider that June through August is high season here, so hotels and vacation rentals are more expensive and the volume of tourists is impressive. In the off season (Sept-April) we enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate, a quieter village and cheaper rooms. 

We look forward to hearing your creative ideas!


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